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Good to Go is online video ministry training
for your volunteers.

We want to help you effectively train your
volunteers without the hassle.

Online Video Training for Your Volunteers


Good to Go™

Online Volunteer Training

Good to Go is relevant ministry video training for church volunteers on safety, leadership skills, discipline, hospitality, learning styles, teaching, and much more—anytime, anywhere.

Good to Go provides top-quality and cost-effective online video training for all your volunteers.


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Good to Go Training Benefits

Increased Retention

Training creates confident volunteers and staff members, which directly improves retention.

Greater Impact

Well-trained volunteers and staff are prepared to make a radical difference in the lives they serve.

Increased Safety

It is essential that volunteers and staff understand how to handle certain safety situations that can put your kids, youth, and church at risk. We have the videos to effectively train on this topic.


When volunteers and staff know exactly what they need to do, they’re more confident and happier.


The Good to Go Difference

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24/7 access anywhere there is Internet.

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You can batch videos, create playlists, and add your own materials.

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Easily add to your current training program.

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Highly focused on the topics relevant to ministry.

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Built by ministry experts at Group with more than 40 years of church know-how.

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Assign training and monitor progress with just a few clicks.

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Train all your volunteers for as low as $11.66/mo.*
*Based on an annual subscription of $139.99

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Risk-Free Trial

Sign up for our FREE 7-day trial. No payment information required.

Good to Go Training Topics Include:

Child & Youth Safety Emotional Support Learning Styles Discipline Hospitality
Faith Development Engagement & Leading Discussion Discipleship Classroom Techniques Leadership Skills

How It Works:

1. Join

Good to Go has monthly and annual subscription options. Choose what works best for your church.

2. Add Volunteers

Put in the names and email addresses of your volunteers and staff.

3. Assign & Track Progress

Assign training videos to your volunteers and keep track of training progress. Your volunteers and staff can watch the videos from any device, anywhere they have Internet access.

Get Started

For less than a cup of coffee every week, you can
professionally train your volunteers and staff.


Subscription Options:

Good to Go

$21.99 per month or
$139.99 per year

Great Value!
(Savings of more than $120!)
  • Unlimited access to our great library of training videos
  • Unlimited number of volunteers and staff

Good to Go Plus

$24.99 per month or
$159.99 per year

Best Value!
(Savings of nearly $140!)
  • All the great features from the Basic Plan

+ The ability to upload your own videos and documents!
+ 2GB of storage space

Here’s what your colleagues are saying
about Good to Go…

  • “We love Good to Go! It has made a significant impact on our training. Thank you for doing this.”
    —Lisa S.
  • “I love the idea of video training rather than trying to schedule a time to train volunteers all together. We’ve tried it many times and still can’t seem to get everyone trained when we need them to!”
    —Cheryl B.
  • “I love these videos because they give a ‘how to’ approach to the training topic. I have been very pleased with the Good to Go videos as a whole.”
    —Cheryl B.
  • “[These] videos are very good. All of the Sunday volunteers should view them once a year.”
    —Bill C.
  • “The Dashboard idea is brilliant and easily managed. Thank you for these timely training videos and for making my job a lot easier!”
    —Cheryl B.
  • “This is really good stuff. I like that [the videos] are short but very informative. This is really mainstream training. I like it!”
    —Lei O.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I try Good to Go?

It’s simple! Just click here and get set up with a 7-day FREE trial. No payment info required!

How long are the videos?

Each video varies in length, depending on the topic. They can range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.

What are the videos like?

Each video is unique! Some may show a classroom example, while others may provide tips. All the videos are designed to expertly address your top training needs. You can be sure that each one is engaging and practical. Start your FREE TRIAL to see the videos now.

Do the videos work on all devices?

Good to Go training videos can be watched on most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Do my volunteers need an Internet connection to view videos?

Yes, an Internet connection is required for viewing video assignments. For tablets and mobile devices, a wireless connection will give the best results. For laptops or desktop computers, a wireless or wired connection will work well.

Do my volunteers need a login?

No! They get all their training assignments via email, and no login is needed for viewing. It’s super easy and convenient!

Can I change my plan anytime?

Yes! You can change from a monthly plan to an annual plan or go from Basic to Plus.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you are able to cancel your membership at any time. Call us at 1-800-447-1070 to discuss your options.