4 Keys to Inviting New Volunteer Leaders

4 Keys to Inviting New Volunteer Leaders
October 9, 2018 Bob D'Ambrosio

By Bob D’Ambrosio

Thriving churches know that the secret to ministry success is having great volunteers. And churches with a large percentage of their people serving understand there are key steps to make it happen.

Need more volunteers? Follow the L.I.F.E. process as you invite people to serve in ministry.

L – Look. Determine which qualities would make for a great team member, then look for people in your community that reflect those qualities. Don’t focus on “qualifications” at this point, as you can train the skills needed for the job later.

I – Invite. The number-one reason people volunteer is because someone invited them. Personally invite your prospective volunteer simply by asking. This doesn’t mean email, text message, or tapping their shoulder during the worship service. Schedule a time to meet and talk, then pop the big question. Don’t ask for an answer up front. Tell them before they say yes, to think about it, and before they say no, pray about it. Give them a week and then follow up.

F – Familiarize. Familiarize your new volunteer with the training they’ll need to be successful. Make sure they understand the position and its responsibilities. And if you have certain expectations for things such as their attire, language, or showing up on time, be sure to spell those out before they start serving. Training ensures your volunteers know what to do, and how to do it.

E – Encourage. Encourage and affirm your volunteers. People don’t usually volunteer because they want to be thanked…but they often step down because they feel unappreciated. Be a cheerleader to your volunteers and make sure they are affirmed for who they are, and recognized for what they do.

Bob D'Ambrosio is a 25-year veteran of church ministry and now serves on Group's training and events team. He's the director of the Equipping Institute, volunteer leadership blogger, and part of Group's content and collaboration team. He coauthored and edited the E4:12 Bible Study Series. Bob and his wife are discovering the joys of empty nest-hood.


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