WEBINAR: Church Shooting Survivor Reflects Back on Fateful Day

WEBINAR: Church Shooting Survivor Reflects Back on Fateful Day
March 6, 2019 Craig Cable

Active shooter incidents are often depicted as a lone gunman arriving unprovoked and ready to fire on innocent bystanders. But for churches, a different kind of active shooter is actually more common.

This shooter is an estranged spouse seeking to confront his family on Sunday morning.

Join special guest, retired Fort Collins police officer, Mike Swihart. as he recounts his experience as a church member who intervened in a deadly domestic incident in his church’s parking lot, nearly losing his life. He’ll reflect on the lessons learned and also share insights on what church security teams need to know about this common threat of violence today.

This webinar will address:

  • The chaos and confusion of an active shooter event
  • What lessons can be learned from the tragedy
  • What steps can church leaders and security team members take to help keep people safe
Craig serves as a leader and tactical trainer for the armed church security team at a megachurch in Loveland, Colorado. He also provides security consulting and training for other churches and is a board member of the NOCO Christian Security Roundtable. Craig is also a professional trainer and expert on managing volunteer teams and leads strategic planning and product development for the creation of new ministry innovations.


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