Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus

Rick Lawrence, author of Jesus-Centered Life and Becky Hodges unpack what it means to live a life that pays ridiculous attention to Jesus. Each episode zooms in on a story of Jesus and looks at it to answer two very basic questions. Who do I say Jesus is? Who does Jesus say I am?

Episode 013: Defining humility with Eugene Peterson

Episode 012: Finding your epic purpose in life in the midst of what’s to come

Episode 011: Playing on the playground

Episode 010: Craving a better soul diet

Episode 009: The Truth About Civility, and How Jesus Redefines Love

Episode 008: How to survive the 2016 election

Episode 007 Whatever Makes You Happy

Episode 006 What does it mean to hear Jesus’ voice?

Episode 004 The surprising things that impress Jesus

Episode 003 Who Does Jesus Say I Am?

Episode 002: The Unexpected Gift of Coming Up Empty

Episode 001: Why finding your purpose is riskier than you think