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  • 2018 VBS Treat Bag Toppers Printable

    FREE Printable 2018 VBS Treat Bag Toppers

    By in Seasonal Events, VBS on

    Whether your church participates in a Fall Festival, Christmas Gathering, or Easter Egg Hunt, these events can play a key roll in your VBS outreach efforts. After all, when else will all of these families be under your roof without the…

  • What if volunteers truly enjoyed what they were doing?

    By in Sunday School on

    There’s a fantastic phenomenon that happens at church: When leaders enjoy what they’re doing, kids reflect their energy, and have more fun, too! This principle is at the heart of Group’s Vacation Bible School, and now we’ve created a similar…

  • 5 Techniques For Effective Team Communication

    By in Lead, Volunteers on

    Can you hear me now? Perhaps it’s better to ask if you’re listening now. Learn to “listen up!” if you want to establish rapport and build trust with those on your ministry teams. Open up the lines of communication by…

  • VBS Summer Savings

    By in VBS on

    Summer is winding down, kids are heading back to school, and VBS directors might be tempted to go into hibernation mode after a successful (and tiring) VBS season. The final days of summer can be a little sad, but with…

  • What Volunteers Want

    By in Volunteers on

    When it comes to volunteering, people today have many options. The church is no longer the only game in town when people are deciding where to serve. Last weekend I volunteered at the 34th annual Sculpture in the Park show…

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