Christmas Items to Save for VBS 2021!

Christmas Items to Save for VBS 2021!
December 29, 2020 Julia Johnson

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Before you start packing up your Christmas decorations and passing by the post-holiday sales, be sure to save these items for your VBS next year!


Rocky Railway 

  • Christmas Tree Stands: These work great for the carpet tube Railroad Crossing Signs!
  • Rice Crispy Cereal in a Christmas Box: This will likely go on sale because of the Christmas themed box, but we just need the contents inside for the Coal Crunch on Day 3.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees: The Rocky Mountains are full of evergreens, and these are the perfect way to set the stage.
  • Platters and Paper Plates: Red and silver are great train colors! Plus there are TONS of uses for paper plates and platters–from train station clocks to little locomotive wheels–lots of round plates will get you on track!



  • Boxes: Big and small, all sorts of sizes…There are boxes everywhere! The preschool arch uses 8-foot-long rectangular boxes. The waterfall, bridge, archway, pillars and ancient stone features are all made out of boxes. AND we even built a cabinet out of boxes!
  • Styrofoam Frames: You know that packing material that came around larger items? Save it! This adds architectural detail to many of our Treasured set pieces.
  • Lights: Adding lights to any set really brings it to life, so be on the lookout for any and all kinds! We used them for the Glorious Glowing Gems, Light Up Gems, and for accents around the main stage. Many of the new lights have an aqua setting which is perfect for water features like the pond and waterfall.
  • Wrapping Paper Rolls: These make great DIY torches!


Wilderness Escape

  • Christmas Tree Stands: These are awesome for keeping your palm trees standing up straight!
  • Red, Green, and Gold Plastic Table Covers: These would be beautiful colors for creating the Woven Rug–exclusive decorating instructions provided at VBS Training LAB.


Bonus Item

Often times, after-Christmas fleece throws are on clearance. These are perfect for the Crew and Tribe Times blankets found in all three VBS’! A couple of years ago, Elisa, our Decorating Guru, found grey and navy blankets at a great prices for our KidVid and Bible Discovery rooms.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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