16 Ways To Impact Your Community This Winter

16 Ways To Impact Your Community This Winter
December 8, 2015 CVDaily Editors

As we approach the winter season it brings to mind the extreme cold, snow, ice, and other wintry conditions we expect to see this time of year. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and consider these creative ways people at your church can serve their community this winter.

1.  Offer to take an elderly neighbor to the store to stock up on winter supplies/groceries, or have your neighbor make a list for you to pick up while you’re out.

2.  Shovel your neighbor’s walkway. Or, get your exercise in for the day and do the whole street!

3.  Place salt on someone’s front door steps or that neglected bit of sidewalk between houses.

4. If others lose power, offer your house as a location for cell phone/laptop charging.

5. Invite neighborhood kids/families to build snowmen if schools are cancelled.

6.  Create a free hot chocolate stand outside a busy shopping area.

7. Offer to help someone scrape the ice off their car or scrape someone’s car when you do yours in the morning/after work.

8. Send thank you notes to police, firefighters, road crews, etc.

9. Order a PIZZA for your local police, fire station, or road crew!

10.  Carry extra winter supplies in your car to assist distressed motorists.

11. Contact local emergency shelters to learn how you can support their efforts.

12. Offer hand warmers to people standing at bus stops or to school crossing guards.

13. If your kids have had school cancelled, help them write appreciation notes to their teacher.

14. Offer to watch your friend/neighbor’s kids while they run out for groceries or during their work hours.

15. If a friend/neighbor has mobility issues, offer to walk their dog— or better yet, keep your kids occupied and have them offer to walk the neighbor’s dog!

16. Share or post the locations of heating stations in your area on your social media pages or church website.

Whatever you decide to do— please be sure to do it safely and with good judgment. After all, it can be slick out there!

[Used by permission from Send Me St. Louis.]


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