4 Questions Every Church Volunteer Leader Should Ask

4 Questions Every Church Volunteer Leader Should Ask
February 3, 2011 CVDaily Editors

1. Do I have good reason to lead? Good reasons include a sense of God’s calling, a mission/vision, a passion for the project or purpose, a match between our talents and the requirements of the position, and the confirmation of others

2. Do I harbor selfish motives? Inappropriate motivations, such as seeking recognition or power, can create hardship and dissatisfaction, even if we’re called and confirmed to a Christian leadership role.

3. Do I follow God’s guidance? Even when we begin with godly reasons and motivations, it’s possible to disobey or ignore God’s directives along the way. If we’ve made mistakes, we can repent and get back on track.

4. Who’s really in control? We waste time and energy when we manipulate church volunteer team members into thinking as we do and doing what we feel is best. When we realize we’re working for the group, rather than the group working for us, we tap into a spiritually powerful dimension of Christian leadership.


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