5 Ways to Create Healthy Team Communication

5 Ways to Create Healthy Team Communication
August 5, 2014 Bob D'Ambrosio

Can you hear me now? Perhaps it’s better to ask if you’re listening now.

Learn to “listen up!” if you want to establish rapport and build trust with those on your ministry teams. Open up the lines of communication by using these five techniques to improve your listening skills.

Look and listen – Pay attention to both actual words and nonverbal clues, such as body language, tone of voice, and inflection.

Project interest – Sincere acknowledgment, even a nod of the head or an encouraging “uh-huh,” can reassure the other person you’re following what’s being said.

Invite expansion – Don’t jump in with a response at the first opportunity. When there’s a pause, prompt your teammate to continue with what he or she was saying.

Clarify information – Ask for specific details or examples to help fill in missing information.

Summarize – Repeat in your own words the main points of the conversation. Confirm whether you have understood accurately.

Creating healthy team communication requires good listening. Practice these skills with your team to promote fearless conversations. Can you hear me now?


  1. Alice Klement 10 years ago

    There are probably many people like me who grab onto these teaching nuggets and use them faithfully. I just want to take time to say thank you.

    I have yet to read something from Church Volunteer Daily that isn’t on target and useful.

    I copied Bob’s piece and sent it to all of our small group leaders as a good reminder for them of how to LISTEN. We’re preparing to kickoff, Together in the Word, an all-congregation campaign to get people into small groups.

    • Author
      Bob D'Ambrosio 10 years ago

      Alice – you made my day! Thanks for the affirmation. Glad you find this info helpful as you equip people for ministry. Keep up the good work.

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