Keys to Effective Team Meetings

Keys to Effective Team Meetings
January 20, 2015 CVDaily Editors

Team meetings are a simple but often overlooked part of sharing leadership. Many leaders that have team meetings fail to structure them in a way that empowers team members. Instead of being a positive and constructive experience, the team meeting becomes a negative and unconstructive time.

Follow these tips to lead effective meetings:

1. Meet regularly (at least once a month).

2. Pick a consistent meeting time that works for everyone.

3. Before each meeting, email or snail mail the agenda to team members.

4. Provide time for people to share personal updates and prayer requests.

5. Encourage feedback and discussion about programs, events, and ideas.

6. Involve members in planning, problem-solving, making suggestions, and delegating ministry.

7. Put the most important item in the middle, and know what you can cut out if the meeting runs long.

8. Keep meetings under two hours unless serving food!

9. Consider a separate planning meeting for calendar or specific event plans.

10. Send out a meeting review of action items to all members of the group.


  1. Andy Adkins 10 years ago

    Great article, but I would be cautious with number 4. It may be spiritually insensitive for me to say so, but I’ve been in too many meetings where the “prayer and share time” included prayer requests and then letting each individual pray, and it took half the meeting time, and then we ran out of time for some of the key purposes. I tend to be a task oriented person, so maybe I’m biased. 🙂 At the same time, meetings have been “interrupted” by a strong need where everyone gathers and lays hand on a person to pray for them. That’s a good exception.

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