Why These Volunteer Essentials are…Essential!

Why These Volunteer Essentials are…Essential!
February 23, 2017 Bob D'Ambrosio
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Great volunteer teams consist of passionate people who have a focused vision, believe in their mission, and empower each other with their initiative and skill development. As a leader of volunteers, ask yourself and your leadership team these questions:

  1. Passion: Are our volunteers passionate about our mission. It all starts here.
  2. Focus: Is that passion focused like a laser or unfocused like a lukewarm lightbulb? Time and energy needs to be focused on the goal.
  3. Strategy: Are we thinking strategically, using carefully crafted mission and vision statements? As it’s been said—plan your work and then work your plan.
  4. Team: How are we building community among our volunteers? Do they love working with us. Lay the foundation for a strong ministry team that lasts.
  5. Training: Is our training geared for today’s volunteers who want to do it their way? Design training to be relational and relevant to the role.

Include these leadership essentials with your volunteer teams and watch ministry thrive!


[Edited from The New Breed: Understanding and Equipping The 21st Century Volunteer, Group Publishing, Inc.]


Bob D'Ambrosio is a 25-year veteran of church ministry and now serves on Group's training and events team. He's the director of the Equipping Institute, volunteer leadership blogger, and part of Group's content and collaboration team. He coauthored and edited the E4:12 Bible Study Series. Bob and his wife are discovering the joys of empty nest-hood.


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