“Top Ten Reasons Why Volunteers Leave” Susan Ellis

“Top Ten Reasons Why Volunteers Leave” Susan Ellis
August 17, 2011 Bob D'Ambrosio

Having just reminded everyone of upcoming volunteer recognition events, we might also keep in ming that not every volunteer feels appreciated.

American late night talk show host, David Letterman is noted for his daily, “Top Ten List.” With acknowledgement to his concept, Susan offers her “Top Ten Reasons Why Volunteers Leave” their volunteer commitment. These are her opinions, developed over many years of watching and listening. Do these ring true for you?

Start the drum roll, please.

Reason #10: The reality of their experience is not what they expected when they signed on.

Reason #9: They don’t like the work they are being asked to do nor how it is being done.

Reason #8: Veteran or leadership volunteer won’t let them into the “insider” group.

Reason #7: They spend more time meeting that doing.

Reason #6: No one listens to their suggestions.

Reason #5: They feel unrecognized, and see thanks are unfairly given to everyone no matter who did the most work or none at all.

Reason #4: They are no longer asked to participate.

Reason #3: They do not actually understand how to get more involved.

Reason #2: They can no longer see how their involvement makes a difference.

Reason #1: It stopped being fun.


Shared by Susan Ellis, energizeinc.com


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