Cue the Christmas Music! A Note from Joani Schultz

Cue the Christmas Music! A Note from Joani Schultz
October 9, 2017 Julia Johnson
Songs of a Christmas Story - Christmas Music
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I love music.
I love Christmas.
And I really love Christmas music!

Somewhere, somehow, sometime around Thanksgiving, someone flips a switch that alerts sound systems everywhere (even elevator music) to play Christmas tunes. School concerts, church community choirs, shopping centers, Pandora…there’s special music in the air!

But…have you noticed over the years a strange thing began to happen? Classic Christmas music morphed from incredible stories of Jesus’ birth to roasting chestnuts, partridges in pear trees, and other warm and fuzzy traditions that became “Christmas.” Like perfectly wrapped packages with nothing inside, Christmas music lost its reason.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have anything against jingle bells, Frosty, or Rudolph. But I long for kids to know our Christian musical roots that touch our hearts this time of year. I want our new granddaughter, Cadence, to grow up singing carols. (Do you sense a musical theme here?) What if our children’s ministries could give the gift of…

  • Jesus-centered music: Beautiful, memory-making lyrics that point to Jesus. No longer will Christmas be the planet’s biggest birthday party that’s forgotten the guest of honor!
  • Music that’s stood the test of time: “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” “Joy to the World,” “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Silent Night.” Beloved songs our grandparents and their parents sang.
  • Contemporary music videos featuring kids like them: The songs are old, but the look is new.
  • Behind-the-scenes nuggets: Did you know?
    • – “Joy to the World” wasn’t originally written for Christmas, but people really liked singing it to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
    • – “Gloria in excelsis Deo” means “Glory to God in the highest.”
    • – “Silent Night” was Joseph Mohr’s Christmas poem given a melody and played on guitar by a local schoolteacher. No organ.
    • – John Francis Wade’s job was to copy and sell music for churches. We can still read his first copies of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” he transcribed 300 years ago!

Songs of the Christmas Story 4-week lesson pack contains all this and more! Available in both a download and a book with DVD–choose the one that best fits your need.

Use this special edition of KidMin Quick Picks to give these Jesus-centered gifts to kids in your children’s ministry this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!
Joani Schultz


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  1. David 9 months ago

    Even these that you mention, good as they are, pale in comparison to some older hymns of the Church. Of the Father’s Love Begotten. All My Heart This Night Rejoices. O Jesus Christ, They Manger Is. A Great and Mighty Wonder. From Heaven Above to Earth I Come. Savior of the Nations, Come. I do agree we should start with the tunes that are more familiar.

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