5 Simple Ways to Get Kids Into the Bible

5 Simple Ways to Get Kids Into the Bible
March 27, 2016 David Jennings
get kids into the bible

Get Kids Into the Bible

It’s a goal we hear from many children’s ministers…we want to get kids into the Bible, knowing how to use it and understanding its truths. If this is you, keep reading…we’ve got some quick tips to help your kids start to explore the Bible and to help its message stick in their hearts.

  1. Make your Bible time fun. The best way to do that is to make it so kids experience the Bible. Incorporate activities that take kids on adventures, evoke emotion, and involve everyone. In every DIG IN lesson, the Core Bible Discovery takes kids into a multisensory experience of God’s Word. When kids really experience a lesson, they’re more motivated and interested, and better able to remember what they discover…up to nine times longer than something they’ve simply read or heard.
  2. Make it relatable, and apply it to your kids’ lives. The Bible is amazing in how it continues to apply to our lives even to this day. Despite the many changes in life, Bible truths are still relevant. Don’t just have kids read the Bible–take the next step and help them apply it. Applying what kids are learning to their daily lives is another component of helping kids unlock their faith. Pumping kids’ brains full of facts and data won’t lead to life change. Leading kids into a deeper relationship with Jesus happens though transformation, not information.
  3. Listen to songs. I love using multiple intelligences when working with kids. Use Scripture-based songs to help put Scripture in the hearts of kids who enjoy learning musically. Here’s a music video kids will love!
  4. Let them see your excitement. My music director used to stop the choir during practice mid-song. We were hitting all the right notes, but as he put it, we all looked like droopy dog. He wanted us to look like we meant what we were singing about…the joy of Jesus. In the same manner, kids will feed off your enthusiasm. Don’t be fake, but show kids that we can be excited because of what we read in the Bible.
  5. Pray. Finally, if you want kids to get into the Bible, pray. Pray for your kids that they see the Bible in a new light, and let your kids pray too. The Bible is one way God talks to us, so before and after reading the Bible, have your kids talk to God.

Looking for more ways to get kids into the Bible? Take a look at our DIG IN Sunday school curriculum based on getting kids into the Bible. Also, here’s a FREE app (God in the Beginning) that lets preschoolers experience God’s Word, not just read it. It includes motions, sounds, and simple activities that kids do with their moms and dads. It instills a love for the Bible while giving parents and grandparents unforgettable memories of growing their child’s faith…together.

How do you get your kids into the Bible? Let us know using the comment section below!

David has served kids around the world for the majority of his life. From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him.


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