Customizable Sunday School or Adaptable Curriculum?

Customizable Sunday School or Adaptable Curriculum?
January 9, 2017 Kate Warnock
customizable sunday school

What’s the difference between customizable Sunday school and adaptable curriculum?

When you choose to adapt something, you make it suitable for your purpose. Even though the original remains intact, you’ve developed something unique to your needs.

In contrast, customization takes much more time, effort, and labor. When you customize, you might change so much that the original is no longer recognizable. In the end, you basically erase and start over.

When we talk about DIG IN, it is important to understand this difference:

Adaptation is easy…customization is hard.

With DIG IN, you can adapt your Sunday school lesson in minutes…choosing your activity blocks, class format, and as much content as you think is necessary to fill your class time and preserve your one-of-a-kind approach to children’s ministry.

Customization indicates you need to re-write lessons to fit your ministry. Sure, you can customize DIG IN if it’s best for you. But we created DIG IN to be adaptable in all the ways it matters, and ensure you don’t need to overhaul your ministry or write your own Sunday school curriculum.

Kate fell in love with ministry as a camp counselor at Wapo and a Director of Youth Ministries in Edina, MN. As a marketing manager at Group, she enjoys learning how children's ministers thrive. Kate loves being behind a camera, snuggling with her family in Fort Collins, and asking a lot of questions beginning with "What If…?"


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