What kind of questions are you asking?

What kind of questions are you asking?
October 13, 2016 Kate Warnock

Asking good questions is hard work.

Jesus modeled how to ask great questions. He asked a LOT of questions.

Very few of his questions were used to quiz listeners about facts.

“If the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?” – Matthew 5:13

“If you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you?” – Luke 6:33

The questions Jesus asked were open-ended, nonjudgmental, intellectually stimulating, and succinct.

“Why did you doubt?” – Matthew 14:3

Unfortunately, questions such as these are rarely asked at church. Well-intentioned teachers often ask fact-finding questions instead. This is done to create a basic familiarity with a story or as a form of assessment.

This kind of assessment has limited value.

Start asking good questions to help your learners develop a fuller understanding of God’s Word and own their faith.


These thoughts are brought to you by passionate “question-askers” at Group, creators of DIG INHands-On Bible Curriculum, and Faithweaver Now.

Kate fell in love with ministry as a camp counselor at Wapo and a Director of Youth Ministries in Edina, MN. As a marketing manager at Group, she enjoys learning how children's ministers thrive. Kate loves being behind a camera, snuggling with her family in Fort Collins, and asking a lot of questions beginning with "What If…?"


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