What is your goal?

What is your goal?
November 7, 2016 Kate Warnock

The overriding goal of education in the church has been rusted over by expectations that few have bothered to evaluate.

Our evaluators have become “the kids keep coming, our classrooms are quiet, we are using theologically sound curriculum, our children stay busy, and we win the Bible Bowl every year!”

Attendance is not the goal. Discipline is not the goal. Filling time and busyness is not the goal.

What if the goal for learning at church was to know, love, and follow Jesus? It reminds us that Christianity is a lifestyle. We are only successful when our students’ learning results in changed lives.

What is your goal? If a succinct answer doesn’t come to mind, it’s time to construct one.



These thoughts are brought to you by passionate “goal-clarifiers” at Group, creators of DIG INHands-On Bible Curriculum, and Faithweaver Now.

Kate fell in love with ministry as a camp counselor at Wapo and a Director of Youth Ministries in Edina, MN. As a marketing manager at Group, she enjoys learning how children's ministers thrive. Kate loves being behind a camera, snuggling with her family in Fort Collins, and asking a lot of questions beginning with "What If…?"


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