The Top 5 Volunteer Traits to Avoid

The Top 5 Volunteer Traits to Avoid
April 9, 2013 CVDaily Editors

“Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.”                      
Ephesians 4:23

1. Negativity—A bad attitude goes a long way in destroying a good ministry.
2. Back-stabbing—Those who say one thing to your face and another to someone else create a triangle of conflict.
3. Hidden agendas—Watch for people who want to get involved in ministry for reasons other than serving God and others.
4. Immaturity—People who pull childish stunts, shy away from responsibility, or blurt out inappropriate jokes are a hindrance to your ministry.
5. Spiritually aloof—If the person has no apparent desire to grow in or model spiritual maturity, he or she is simply not a candidate for ministry.

Avoiding these traits will go a long way in helping you create and maintain a warm, welcoming volunteer culture in your church…and avoid serious pitfalls along the way!

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