7 Tips For Recruiting Today’s Volunteer

7 Tips For Recruiting Today’s Volunteer
February 24, 2015 CVDaily Editors

Need more volunteers?

Try these seven suggestions when searching for people to serve in your ministry, from Thomas McKee’s book, The New Breed:  Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer.

Ask personally rather than rely on announcements. Remember that you’re not looking for someone to “volunteer”; you’re looking for someone to commit to a specific ministry position.

Develop strategic recruiting partnerships.  Start the recruiting process by building your network of connections or developing a recruiting team. A larger circle of influence will result in a larger pool of prospects.

Recruit short-term project teams. The more specific the time frame, the more people you’ll likely get to commit to a project. And short-term commitments might open the door to longer commitments in the future.

Assume that a “no” means “not now,” or “not this position.” Think of a “no” as an open door to listen carefully to the reasons behind the “no.”  A “no” today may be a “yes” at a later time.

Develop written responsibilities, or a position description, for each role. Don’t fill any position until you find the person who matches what you’re looking for.

Recruit specific people for specific roles. Ask people to serve in significant areas of your ministry that matches what they love doing, their gift profile, and skill set.

Hire staff who are equipping leaders – Your leadership team should be of people who know and live out the principles of inviting  and equipping volunteers for your mission.


  1. Dawn Geschiere 9 years ago

    8285 Glen Eagles Lane

    I attended the Equipping Institute Level 1 Sept 18-20, 2013. At that time I was Director of Children’s Ministries at Vienna Presbyterian Church. On June 1, 2014 I became Director of Kids Ministries at Christ Church in Fairfax Station, VA. I’d like to access the Ministry Descriptions and resources that were available. How would I access them to use with my current Kids Ministries team?

    Thank you, Dawn Geschiere

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