Free Prayer Cards for Your VBS

Free Prayer Cards for Your VBS
May 20, 2016 Lindsey VanSparrentak

As you’re gearing up for your fast-approaching VBS—building set pieces, collecting supplies, recruiting volunteers, running around trying to get everything done—know that we are praying for you! We’re praying you experience peace of mind and heart, for all the details to come together for your team, and, most of all, that kids would experience the love of Jesus at your VBS!

Don’t forget that, more than anything, prayer is the best way to prep for your VBS! And that’s why we want to equip you with a few prayer cards to cover your VBS in prayer.

Here’s a few ways to incorporate prayer into your VBS:

  1. Print off these prayer cards and ask people to pray specifically for VBS. This is a perfect way to include people in your church who want to help but aren’t able to take a week off in the summer!
  2. When you sign up Crew Leaders, Station Leaders, and other volunteers, include the prayer cards in their volunteer information. Ask volunteers to be praying intentionally for the week ahead.
  3. Hold a prayer meeting! In the early stages of planning, ask for some church members to gather after church or one evening during the week and pray for all the preparation. Pray for the hearts of volunteers, church members, kids and their families.
  4. Dedicate your VBS. The Sunday before your VBS, ask your pastor to pray over you and your volunteers during the church service.
  5. Don’t skip the morning prayer! We hear a lot of stories from people who cut out the morning prayer in order to save time. But it makes such a difference in the tone of the day. By circling up with the volunteers during Opening Celebration, your heart and your eyes are set on Jesus. He is the ultimate reason for VBS.
Lindsey VanSparrentak is an avid enjoyer of the small things in life. When she isn’t binge watching Food Network collections on Netflix, she can be found working with children and teens in her community and trying to show God’s love to every person she meets!

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  1. Laura 8 years ago

    Thank you for encouraging prayer. God is the only one who can turn our hard work into an eternal difference. I noticed this year so much unity among me helpers and myself. This is only my second year as director but this year was amazing, I loved praying during the song for my crew leaders and it truly felt as though God was leading it all. I developed a love for me volunteers as I kept praying for them. I prayed for the kids too, and they were so awesome to work with. I guess I just feel as those you grow closer to others as you pray for them. Love grows, patience grows, grace grows, unity, forgiveness. Anyway it is so important and I’m thankful you got that message across. Thank you.

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