3 Baskets For Increasing Your Prayer Life

3 Baskets For Increasing Your Prayer Life
November 4, 2014 Bob D'Ambrosio

Here are three simple ways to increase your daily connection to prayer.

1. Prayer Basket – Place a small basket on your kitchen counter, desk, or nightstand. Inside it place the names of those you want to remember to pray for (like the people in your neighborhood, co-workers, team members). You may even want to include some envelopes, stamps, and an address book to write a note to the people to let them know when you pray for them.

2. Devotion Basket – Gather your Bible, journal, devotional, pen, and highlighters, and place them in a portable basket. Throw in some tissue and a bottle of water and you’ll be all set for your next devotion time. You may want to keep this basket by your bed to remind you when you wake each morning to spend some time that day in prayer.

3. Thanksgiving Basket – Choose a basket to place on your kitchen table. Every day encourage your family (and yourself) to write something you are thankful for and put it in the basket. Read them out loud on Thanksgiving or at other meal times when the whole family is together.

Find some baskets at a local thrift store and set up these stations to remind you of the power of daily prayer.


  1. Barb Rogan 9 years ago

    I really like these three suggestions for increasing my prayer life. I am forever telling people I will pray for them, but writing their names down and keeping it in a basket may help me to be more specific in my prayer.
    The Thanksgiving basket is a great way to remember all month the many things we have to be thankful for. It will make the prayer go so smoothly for the teens at the table who are not always as comfortable with “Let go around the table and say something about what we are thankful.” No one will be put on the spot or struggling to think of something to say. We can concentrate on all we are grateful for. Grand idea.

    • Author
      Bob D'Ambrosio 9 years ago

      Barb – glad you found these suggestions helpful! My wife keeps a “basket” with all her “prayer supplies” and it is helpful to have something to keep you focused!

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