How to Create Digital Connections

How to Create Digital Connections
July 16, 2013 Nils Smith

Have you noticed how many people are now using their smartphones to read the Bible in church? Well actually, to read their Bible, period! You can make it even easier for them, as well as giving them other important information, by utilizing the YouVersion Live Events tool.

You can quickly create a “digital bulletin” in the Live Events tool, allowing members to pull up news, info, sermon notes, Scripture passages; find online giving options; share prayer requests; and so much more!

These live events can be created in minutes and can be used for not just worship services but also Sunday school classes, Bible studies, special events, or any gathering of people around studying the Bible. People can find your event either by searching for a title or based on your geographic location.

Give it a try, and see what your congregation thinks. At a cost of FREE, the only risk you are taking is losing the 15 minutes of time that it takes to get set up!



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