3 Questions To Ask Your Volunteers in 2015

3 Questions To Ask Your Volunteers in 2015
January 6, 2015 Bob D'Ambrosio

A new year always gives us the hope of a fresh start. A blank slate. A new beginning.

This year you have the opportunity to connect with each of your volunteers and ask them three questions that will impact their discipleship and help them have a more productive ministry.

Ask each volunteer:

1. How can I serve you?  What do your volunteers need from you?  It may be that a volunteer needs more training, or just someone to listen to their frustrations. How can you serve those who serve in ministry this year?

2. How can I pray for you? Knowing that someone is praying for your needs is an empowering force that few of us experience.

3. Where do you see God at work in your ministry? We must always make the God connection. Help volunteers anticipate how God is at work through what they do. Seeing God’s involvement changes a task into an opportunity to serve.

Resolve this year to ask each volunteer these questions to build a stronger ministry team.


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