Candy Cane Appreciation For Your Volunteers

Candy Cane Appreciation For Your Volunteers
December 9, 2014 CVDaily Editors

Here’s a simple idea for a volunteer appreciation gift this Christmas, or as a gift for the children after their holiday program. Print this poem on a card and attach it with a red ribbon to a candy cane.


The Candy Cane

It’s just a little Christmas treat,

but also, did you know?

It represents our Savior

born so long ago.

The shape is like a “J”

to symbolize his name,

the white is for his life,

holy, without blame.

And the strips of red

is for his blood,

so pure and freely given,

that we might spend eternity

with our Lord in heaven!


Hope your Christmas celebration reflects the “sweet” love of God.  Enjoy.



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