Use This Idea To Show Volunteers They Matter

Use This Idea To Show Volunteers They Matter
May 5, 2015 CVDaily Editors

Starfish, or sea stars, make good symbols of hope because of their powers of regeneration. Even if only one-fifth of the central disk and one arm remain, a sea star can completely recover.

Use this message to inspire and affirm your volunteers at your next training. At the end of a meeting, have everyone stand together in a circle while you tell the Starfish Story, based on an old proverb about a person who tenderly rescues a handful of starfish from many dying on a hot beach. This story shows the value of a person’s efforts and that what they do matters, no matter if it is for just one individual or a whole group. (For several versions of this story, type Starfish Story into your favorite search engine.)

Afterward, holding a dried starfish, remind volunteers that just as a starfish can regenerate any broken part, God is working in and through us to heal brokenness. Pray for all who serve, thanking God for the difference each one makes through his or her contributions. Then pass the starfish around the circle, giving all who are gathered the opportunity to pray for their ministry hopes and needs.


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