Happy Sunday School Volunteers

Happy Sunday School Volunteers
November 30, 2016 Kate Warnock
Keep Sunday School Volunteers Engaged by Enjoying What They Do!

It’s easier to recruit and retain Sunday school volunteers when they enjoy what they’re doing!

It’s even better when they can play a part in deciding what they want to do.

When was the last time someone asked you to do something you didn’t want to do?

What was your response?

If we simply fill a volunteer position in our ministry, without matching the role to the right Sunday school volunteer and their desires, we are setting ourselves up for turnover. This can be exhausting.

Empower your leaders. Be specific about what you need. Tap into their unique gifts. Then, give them tools to make it happen!

These thoughts are brought to you by passionate “volunteer cheerleaders” at Group, creators of DIG IN.

DIG IN is a Sunday school curriculum giving teachers and directors the ability to tailor lesson activities to the interests and strengths of the teachers and kids. If one volunteer really enjoys crafts, she can include them in her lesson. If another teacher loves sports, she can add high-energy games to hers. The same in-depth Bible lesson is taught no matter which combination of activities you choose. This keeps teachers engaged and energized week after week, the kids in your ministry benefit from such positive energy, and everyone grows in relationship with Jesus while doing something they love!

Click here to learn more about how DIG IN can transform your children’s ministry – without a major overhaul.

Kate fell in love with ministry as a camp counselor at Wapo and a Director of Youth Ministries in Edina, MN. As a marketing manager at Group, she enjoys learning how children's ministers thrive. Kate loves being behind a camera, snuggling with her family in Fort Collins, and asking a lot of questions beginning with "What If…?"


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