4 Volunteer Positions Needed…To Create More Volunteers

4 Volunteer Positions Needed…To Create More Volunteers
August 26, 2014 CVDaily Editors

What’s one thing every ministry needs?  Volunteers!

To make sure you have a strong supply of volunteers, create the following 4 positions for every ministry:

A – Attractor. This person is the cheerleader for the ministry. They market the mission and invite people to consider serving.

C – Connector. As people express interest, the Connector makes the connection between the prospective volunteer and the ministry leader. This ensures the ball doesn’t get dropped in the referral process.

T – Trainer. As new people come on board, the Trainer sees that everyone goes through orientation and receives the training needed to be successful.

S – Supporter. This role makes sure volunteers are supported during their service. Encouragement, recognition, and lots of affirmation define this position.

Darell Hailey, pastor at Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado, uses this system, which he says they leveraged from Willow Creek. “These four established positions ensure that all aspects of volunteer involvement are covered,” he shares. “Ideally each department has a separate person to do each of these four roles.”

A volunteer staffing system— to create more volunteers— may help grow your ministry!


[Editor’s Note:  If you’d like copies of these position descriptions, contact us at info@ChurchVolunteerDaily.com and we’ll send them to you!]


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