12 Ideas for National Volunteer Week

12 Ideas for National Volunteer Week
March 23, 2015 CVDaily Editors

National Volunteer Week, April 12-18, 2015, is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. National Volunteer Week, a program of Points of Light, was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially each year, with thousands of volunteer projects being sponsored in each community by churches, nonprofits, and marketplace organizations.

How will your church encourage and recognize the people who serve? Here are 12 ideas that will let your volunteers know how much you appreciate their service!

1. Magnet: “Thanks for attracting kids to God.”

2. Frozen TV dinner: “Thanks for all the meals you ate on the go to be on time for ministry.”

3. Compass: “Thanks for pointing kids in God’s direction.”

4. Jelly beans: “It’s ‘bean’ fun working with you!”

5. Basket of fruit: “To a person who’s filled with the fruit of the Spirit.”

6. Package of Kool-Aid: “Thanks for coming to our aid.”

7. Wooden airplane glider: “Thanks for your light-hearted humor.”

8. Loaf of bread: “Thanks for being yeast in God’s kingdom.”

9. Bottle of sparkling juice: “Thanks for your refreshing ideas.”

10. After an absence, attach a note to sandpaper: “It’s been rough without you.”

11. Memory Booklet: Keep a running log of memories. At the end of the year, photocopy the memories into a booklet. Attach a note: “We’ll never forget you.”

12. After a camping or retreat weekend, make individual S’mores (chocolate and marshmallow between two graham crackers) and place in plastic bags. Attach a note: “Thanks for the sweet memories.”


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