Free Social Media Tool For Volunteer Recruitment

Free Social Media Tool For Volunteer Recruitment
June 14, 2016 Bob D'Ambrosio

To reach today’s volunteers—use today’s recruitment methods. Connect with potential volunteers using a social media tool that’s already part of their daily lives.

All For Good is an application which allows you to share your volunteer opportunities—on Facebook. Think of All for Good as a hub for volunteerism and community service on the Internet. The site serves as a meeting place for organizations and individuals, providing a communal platform to see where help is needed and makes it easy to apply.

Powered by the largest online database of volunteer opportunities, All for Good is connecting Americans with nonprofits, churches, and service organizations to do what they want to do—serve. The app allows nonprofits to post volunteer opportunities on their Facebook page so people can register and share with friends. Then volunteers can search on the app to find projects to join that are available in their community.

And it’s FREE!

Check it out and see if this might be a useful tool for your ministry. For more information, or to get started, click here.

For training on how to use social media and online tools for greater volunteer involvement, join us September 21-23, 2016 for “Mobilizing a New Breed of Volunteers” at Group Publishing, Loveland, Colorado.  Click here for more information and to register at early bird pricing!


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