Diving Below the Shipwrecked Surface: Worry

Diving Below the Shipwrecked Surface: Worry
October 10, 2017 Jody Brolsma

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As adults, it’s easy to wave off kids’ worries as small in comparison to the burdens we carry. After all, 8 year-olds don’t carry a mortgage and 10 year-olds aren’t responsible for providing for a family.

So you might be surprised to find out that kids worry about many of the same things you do.

Today’s kids are plugged in and very aware of the stresses and fears facing adults. They hear countless stories of homelessness, abandonment, disease, and pain. As a result, kids have anxiety about things like their families, the environment, poverty, and violence. They worry about their futures. Here are few worries we overheard at Shipwrecked VBS:

One study found that kids today are more worried than people who were hospitalized for anxiety in the 1950s!

It’s hard for adults to realize this, because, too often we just don’t ask.

At Shipwrecked, you’ll hit worry head-on. In the Day 2 Bible adventure, kids fill out a worry “meter,” showing their level of worry regarding things like family, friends, and failure. In our field test, we saw a consistent trend of off-the-chart worries about family. One dad shared that, when he saw his son’s worry “meter” after VBS, it sparked a meaningful conversation, in which the dad could reassure his son of God’s protection and provision in their lives. And every activity is designed to guide kids in casting their anxieties on Jesus, resting in him. You’ll help kids practice turning their worries over to Jesus and replacing worry with wonder as they watch him care for their every need.

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Jody Brolsma is the VBS Executive Editor/Champion at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado. She’ll be the first to tell you that it is truly the funnest job in the world! (That’s why she’s been doing it for more than 20 years.)


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