The VBS Buddies Are Coming Back in a Brand-New Mobile Game

The VBS Buddies Are Coming Back in a Brand-New Mobile Game
May 8, 2015 Jeff White
New Buddy Quest app

Remember Jacques the croc? How about a test tube named Fizz? Boomer the panda? Ace the flying fish? Salty the pelican? Truman the bulldog?

If you’ve experienced Group’s VBS over the years, you know all about the unforgettable Bible Buddies. They’ve touched the hearts of millions of kids for more than twelve summers, helping kids remember important Scriptures.

Until now, those lovable characters disappeared into the sunset at the end of each VBS season. But now more than 120 of them are making a comeback in a big way.

buddy-quest-appBuddy Quest is a new mobile game with one purpose: to help kids learn and practice virtues in the real world. It’s a game that teaches the value of honesty, responsibility, kindness, and more than 30 other virtues straight out of the Bible. And it’s fun! Kids (ages 6-11) follow the Buddies on a variety of adventures, while  building enchanting worlds based on past VBS themes.

But the best part is what happens outside the app. In order to advance farther in the game, kids are given “Real Hero Quests” that challenge them to try out what they’re learning in their everyday lives. Plus, Buddy Quest includes a parent dashboard, making it easy for moms and dads to connect with their kids and see their progress in real time. Parents will actually watch their kids do good things, as well as understand why they’re doing them.

Buddy Quest is scheduled to launch during the summer of 2015 on both Apple and Android devices including phones and tablets. For more information, visit

Jeff is the author of Holy Wow, a book about creativity in ministry. He serves as development champion at Group and is currently developing Group’s first mobile game app called Buddy Quest. He graduated from Biola University.


  1. Amber 8 years ago

    My kids would really like to play cave quest but all we have it a kindle fire,can they download it somewhere? It’s not in the Amazon store which is where we have to buy our apps at

    • Author
      Jeff White 8 years ago

      Hi Amber! The Buddy Quest team is hoping to create a Kindle Fire version in the future, but for now it’s only available for Apple and Android devices.

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