5 Guaranteed Ways to Engage Kids in Sunday School

5 Guaranteed Ways to Engage Kids in Sunday School
June 8, 2015 Kelsey Perry
5 Guaranteed Ways to Engage Kids in Sunday School

You’ve been there…You’re desperately trying to settle down a Sunday school class of rambunctious kids. There’s another 20 whole minutes until class is over and you need to them to sit down and stay (relatively) quiet so you can get through the day’s lesson…and hope some of it will stick.

You’ve tried every trick you know. And you wonder, How can I get them focused and engaged?

But here’s the secret: Let kids be kids. While it may seem counterintuitive at first, here are 5 things you can do to guarantee kids will be engaged in your lesson and remember the Bible points for weeks to come:

  1. Let kids move around. Kids have tons of energy—so let them use it! Teach them fun motions to a song or lead them around the room on a Bible adventure.
  2. Let kids be loud. Give them words to shout at certain points during a Bible story you’re telling, let them sing songs, and have them say a Bible verse aloud with you.
  3. Let kids lead. Older kids in particular like to have responsibility. Have them lead younger kids in the motions of a song or let them be the characters in a role-play Bible story.
  4. Let kids play. Play games that reinforce the Bible points you’re trying to teach, and remind kids of those Bible points throughout the game.
  5. Let kids ask questions. While there might be the occasional off-topic question, you may be surprised by the thoughtful questions kids will ask if given the chance.

When kids are having fun and don’t feel like they’re being forced to memorize Scripture or Bible facts, they’ll soak up and remember those important Bible lessons you’re trying to teach them…even if it doesn’t seem like it right away.

And the good news is you don’t have to do all this yourself! Hands-On Bible Curriculum can help. Hands-On Bible Curriculum incorporates hands-on, active learning into every lesson. Kids move around and use fun gizmos to interact with the lesson…it’s activity with a purpose. This movement allows kids to release energy and creates the type of active environment in which kids learn best. Following each activity, kids answer questions that will help them understand how to apply what they just learned to their everyday lives…This is where you’ll get to witness the “light bulb” moments where kids “get it.”  Get a free sample and you’ll understand what I mean.

Kelsey is an assistant editor with Group’s VBS team, and even though she doesn’t have kids of her own, she regularly gets choked up watching kids grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. She loves taking Zumba classes and reading British literature and would happily live solely on coffee and dark chocolate if she could.


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