3 Reasons to Love Outback Rock VBS!

3 Reasons to Love Outback Rock VBS!
April 17, 2015 Laycie Costigan
Outback Rock VBS

If you’ve been in children’s ministry even for a little while, you know that finding the right VBS program is a decision that requires lots of prayer and maybe more than one cup of coffee! You know that what kids learn about God during their time at VBS can make waves throughout the rest of their lives.

While I can’t supply you with coffee via computer screen to help you with this big decision, I can give you a peek into an amazing program that I would have gratefully turned to during my time in ministry. My biggest VBS hurdle always was getting enough volunteers that could commit to the full week. Not for a lack of wanting to be involved, but lack of time to get away from other responsibilities. Sound familiar? Outback Rock, Group’s 2015 Weekend VBS®, is a brilliant answer to VBS staffing woes without sacrificing life-impact, Bible-centeredness or anything else you love about the full week at VBS!

Here are the three things I’m most wild about when it comes to Outback Rock:

  1. God can do a lot in two days! At the Outback Rock field test I marveled at the learning and heart-change evident in the kids after only the first day. The multi-age Crews that kids and leaders travel in quickly cultivate genuine relationships. Each child is given personal attention and care in their Crew that is no bigger than six people (including the leader). The Crew format allows kids to thrive—from the outgoing “class clowns” to the more quiet and reserved—everyone matters, everyone is heard, everyone leaves Outback Rock knowing they’re loved by their new friends and by God.
  2. The new Outback Rock theme…well…rocks! Creating the look of the Australian outback was easy and quick! Plus the scenery lends itself to fun, adventure, discovery-making, and the feeling of being transported to a wild, one-of-a-kind place. Imaginations lit up and both boys and girls at the field test were having a blast! The outback provided a powerful setting of a vast, open space (where one could easily feel alone) to learn that no matter where we are, what we’re doing, what we’re feeling—God is always with us!
  3. The weekend format is conveniently flexible! Just because it says “weekend” doesn’t necessarily mean you absolutely have to lead your program over the weekend. You could plop Outback Rock into any two days in the week that work best. You could also use the program to host a top-notch fall festival!

Whatever you chose to do for your VBS this year, remember to pace yourself, pray, give the details to God, and then trust God to show up in a big way!

Fueled by fond ministry memories of summers at camp as well as children’s and youth ministry, Laycie’s seen many lock-ins, mess hall raids, zip lines, pies in the face, and lives changed by Jesus! You can often find her on a trail, behind a camera lens, or scrolling through Pinterest.


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